Ben Nuttall-Smith

Ayliffe "Pat" Carey – Sechelt, circa 1998

photo Ben Nuttall-Smith

ISBN 978-0-9951743-2-0

146 pages and 28 pencil sketches

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Pencil drawing by Ben Nuttall-Smith
The current manuscript contains 28 similar sketches 

In early 1996, as a volunteer for the Sunshine Coast White Cane Society, I met Ayliffe "Pat" Carey, a blind ex-bush pilot. When he heard I wrote stories for the local newspaper, Pat asked me if I’d consent to write his biography. I soon began weekly visits to the Carey trailer home where Pat and his wife Jean told me exciting and often humorous stories of his life from Fraser Valley pioneer to bush pilot.

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Ayliffe “Pat” Carey's experiences – as homesteader, logger and bush pilot –provide an exceptional insight into pioneer life on Canada’s West Coast in the first decades of the twentieth century. 

​While logging his homestead island in BC’s Fraser Valley, Pat developed a passion for flying, overcoming countless barriers and setbacks, including crash landings, repairs and alterations to his aircraft. He speaks matter-of-factly, without heroics, about flying missions over mountains and glaciers, often in dangerous weather conditions and with dangerous cargo. He recalls details vividly – taking us with him on his amazing journeys.

pioneer homesteader 
bush pilot

Ayliffe "Pat" Carey 
1903 – 1999

in his own words – as told to
Ben Nuttall-Smith

Flying With White Eagle