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Illustrated Children's Books

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Grandpa’s Homestead  $8     Henry Hamster $10   set of two $15  plus postage

 Henry Hamster Esquire
an illustrated story for children

ISBN 978-0-9865938-1-9

44 pages 14 cm X 11 cm 
(4” X 5 1/2”)
24 Colour Illustrations

by the author 

Glossy coil-bound Book
All pages on card stock

Henry Hamster is snatched from his cage by Ginger, the family cat.  The adventures that follow include further pursuit by Ginger, an unwitting rescue by Jeremy, the German Shepherd, meeting a rat named Reginald Repulsive and a grass snake that eats mice. 

The story ends happily when Henry is found by his master, Billy, in the garden tool shed.

​Grandpa's Homestead

an Illustrated Haiku Storybook

​ISBN 978-0-9865938-8-8 
28 pages 14 cm X 11 cm. 
(4” X 5 1/2”)
Glossy coil-bound Book
All pages on card stock

28 Haiku poems
12 colour images by Jan Albertin

This book shows children how to create their own poetry.

Suitable for ages 8 - 12